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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Remember Daisy Duke?

Remember the Dukes of Hazard? The TV show from the late 70's with Bo and Luke Duke and the General Lee, the orange suped-up Dodge Charger stock car? Well, I'm sure there's lots of men out there that still remember Cousin Daisy with the skimpy shorts and the legs that went on forever?

Well, meet the newest member of our family, a four-month old Lab mix, Daisy. We got her yesterday when we went to PetSmart. I swear, we only went there for cat food and cat treats. I imagine we must have looked pretty funny walking out with this dog and box of cat food and bag of cat treat.  People were probably thinking that we had no business owning a dog if we didn't even know how to feed it.

However, PetSmart was hosting a dog rescue organization named San Antonio Pets Alive. Several foster parents were there with puppies and dogs that they had rescued from kill-shelters in the area. These people rescue these abandoned or forgotten pets from being euthanized.

In some cases, they give medical attention and in most, they have to work with the animals to get them ready to receive (hopefully) a new home. Every time one of the puppies or dogs gets adopted, two animals are saved because then the foster home has a space available to rescue another animal. When we heard all this and saw the dog formerly known as "Angie," we knew we just had to have her.

The foster mom told us that "Angie" had never really bonded with her name so my husband picked the new name Daisy, even before we left PetSmart. It brought back memories. As a teen-aged girl, I had spent many a night dreaming of Bo and Luke Duke.

Isn't it funny how things in everyday life can trigger memories long forgotten and take us back to yesterday?

I've been calling her Daisy Duke ever since!

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