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Monday, February 18, 2019

Groucho, Baby!

Groucho came into my life just when I needed him.  Well, his mother did actually.  She just appeared on my front porch one day in June of 2016 and decided that she had found her new home.  Little did I know that she wasn't alone.  A month later Groucho made his appearance along with his six brothers and sisters.

Recuperating from my liver resection, kittens were the last thing the doctor ordered, but they provided much needed entertainment.  They also required lots of love and time which helped me to focus on something other than the cancer I thought I had defeated.  Five of the kittens found good homes, but Groucho was mine from the time his personality came alive.

Groucho being creepy, Feb. 2019
 Life with Groucho and Snoball, his brother, is anything but boring.  They love to chase each other around the house and the dog.  They love to follow me around the house all day, watch my every move, and love to cuddle with me whenever I sit, and these days, the fatigue can be overwhelming sometimes.

So much has happened since my last blog.   Click on the link below to get the messy details of what has become my life.  

            Mrs. Michel's Cancer Fund

Yes, life is messy.  No one said it was fair or easy or neat, but I've decided to live each day with purpose, dignity, and positive thoughts and to make each day count.  How will you live tomorrow?