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Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY Cat Condo Anyone?

Got cats?  Get a lot of rain?  Want to give the cats a place to hide and stay dry?

Well, I do, we do, and we did.  So my handy guy with the tools, otherwise known as the hubby, had a new project.  It turned out perfectly.

What I wanted was this:  a place for the cats to crawl into during the cold nights, a place for them to hide from the rain, something that wouldn't take up too much space on the porch, and something that wouldn't be an eyesore.

Thus the cat condo was born.  It is 19 inches wide and 60 inches long.  He built the lid with a frame on the inside so that it fits snug inside the walls and can be lifted up for easy maintenance.  The lid extends past the walls on all four sides by about an inch and a half all the way around.  This offers more stability and allows for the rain to drip off instead of running down the wall and possibly causing it to rot before it's time.

There are openings on both ends for easy access, and it even has a window on the side with a removable plexiglass that slides easily in and out for the different seasons.

On the plus side, he painted it a nice neutral color which goes well with our house.  Since it is 20 inches high, it also serves as a great seating area for both humans and cats.  I usually have a big beach towel folded on top as a soft, nap area for the cats, and padding for humans who don't mind cat hair.    

Overall, a wonderful addition to our porch.  I and the cats love it!

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