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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Bird Feeder Memory

A bird feeder?  I'd never really thought about a bird feeder, but my husband likes birds, and so one of the first things we put up in our new yard when we moved to Texas was a bird feeder. 

We went to our local hardware store and found a 4 arm shepherd's hook that we thought would be perfect in our yard.  We could then hang 4 bird feeders at one time. What a time-saver, we thought. We won't have to fill them as often. 

Were we wrong! At first, it took the birds time to get used to the bird feeders, but word soon spread like wildfire among the bird population of the area, and we couldn't keep the birds away.

Now the birds empty the feeders in one day. It's become part of our morning ritual besides feeding the cats and feeding the dogs, now we feed birds.

Every morning I get to enjoy the doves as they come to call. And call they do until the bird feeders get filled, especially those white-winged ones.  

One morning I was out on the porch sipping my coffee listening to the birds, and it took me back in time.  For a few minutes I was back in 1976 at my grandparent's home.  

I remember this huge walk-in enclosure where he housed many doves.  He would go out every morning and walk around spreading seed.  He would also share the seed with the many free doves that would inevitably find their way to his yard.  When I was older, he would let me feed the doves too.  It's one of the few memories I have of that man.

Isn't it funny how sounds can trigger memories we don't even remember having.

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