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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Introducing Blondie

Today, it's all about the cats.  Cats are the best pet ever, I think.  This is my favorite picture of Blondie Cat and Connor Cat.  Aren't they so cute!

Blondie's story began one day when she just showed up.  She acted like an ex-pampered kitty who must have either gotten lost or was abandoned.  I tried to find out if someone was out looking for her, but I couldn't find any news, and no one came around looking for her.  

Blondie came around for a few days to eat, but she would leave at night.  I still had hopes that she was finding her way home again, but then one night it was forcasted to freeze.  I couldn't take the chance that she was not returning home and might be stranded out in the elements to fend for herself so I put her up in my laundry room.  The next morning I let her out, but she never left again.  She's been here ever since, and this is her home now.

She and Connor really hit it off, and they spend many days cuddled together grooming each other.  She's not much for roaming so she spends a lot of time sleeping on the front porch.

Connor, on the other hand, will only stand the lovey-dovey stuff for so long and then he's out hunting and stalking prey.

Here's the latest from WIKINUT, an article I wrote about my hunter cats:

I hope you enjoy it!

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