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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Reluctant Cat Lady

When my son called the other day from Colorado, his greeting was in the form of "Hey Cat Lady."  I remember denying this, but then I got to thinking.  Just how many cats do you have to own in order to be referred to as a "Cat Lady."

I only have six.  Is that too many?  I've heard the horror stories of fifty or more unhealthy and uncared for cats being found in a home, but I only have six spoiled rotten felines.  Besides, I am too young to be a "Cat Lady."  When I said this to my son, his response was, "Well, you thought you were too young to be a grandmother too."

That's true.  Then I guess age doesn't matter, but in my defense, I will say that three of my cats were kind of rescue situations.  So I should be applauded as a hero!

There are times, I will reluctantly admit, when life gets hectic with six kitties, but they make life so interesting.  My second article which just happens to be about cats has been published.  I have attached the link.

Go read it and have a laugh.  Tell me what you think.

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