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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Teacher's Life

My classroom wall.
Well, another school year came to an end.  It was another great year with some really interesting students, but I am so glad it is summer!  

This year was one of many changes and beginnings and endings.  I lost a wonderful principal, a couple of teammates, and a fantastic Academic Dean.  Two beautiful friendships were realized, and I said good-bye to a classroom.

Next year will be very challenging on many levels.  Edmodo and Remind101 are just two of the additions that my students will discover in my arsenal of tricks in August.  

Edmodo is like a "FaceBook" for students that teachers can use with their classes for communication, but also to "assess" knowledge.  Remind101 is like a texting system to use with students and parents.

My goal this summer to get myself acquainted with both of these programs and have them ready for my students and parents in August.

Most people don't realize that good teachers don't just stop working when summer comes.  Good teachers spend the summers reflecting over the past year and creating new ideas for the next year.  It's an ongoing process that never stops because as society changes, we must also in order to keep our teaching fresh and relevant.

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